Beer from bread?!

44% of bread made in the UK never gets eaten. That’s such a waste.

At Crumbs we take loaves that would otherwise go unsold from our local bakery and turn them into beer!

Each of our beers is made with a different type of leftover loaf, that way the style of the beer reflects the character of the delicious bread that makes it.

We’re fighting food waste and making delicious, unique beers at the same time. It’s beer, bread differently.

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It’s the kind of beer that reminds me how diverse and delicious beer can be

Jessica Mason, (aka Drinks Maven)

Mothering Christ, this beer is amazing. 5/5

Untappd Review

A virtuous beer..that has layers that keep you thinking about it

Jessica Mason, (aka Drinks Maven)

Absolutely lovey beer and an amazing concept. 4.8/5

Untappd Review

I’m thoroughly enjoying your beers – absolutely spot on

Roger Protz – Beer Writer