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Yearly Archives: 2017

30,000 bottles of beauty…

Wow, Reigate, you are a thirsty lot! Today we officially brewed our 30,000th bottle of Crumbs! Packing up bottle 30,000! Now that may not be a lot compared to the big boys who probably make that much in a few hours but, to us, that is a pretty [...]

30,000 bottles of beauty…2020-10-20T12:46:27+00:00

And the winner is…… the crowd

You could cut the tension with a knife. There we sat, all looking far smarter than we usually do 364 days a year. Surrounded by 400 of Surrey's best food producers, retailers and general big wigs. Adria had even cut his beard off as, it had been so long since [...]

And the winner is…… the crowd2020-10-20T12:48:30+00:00

A sensational (if not sizzling) Summer!

Hello fellow Crumbers! I hope you've had a good summer? Although last time I wrote I seem to remember we were basking in 30 degree heat,  shame it didn't quite last! Life at Crumbs Towers has continued to be hectic, hopefully you'll have seen some of our recent updates? At [...]

A sensational (if not sizzling) Summer!2020-10-20T12:52:41+00:00

Crumbs – I’ve got a new wife!

As readers of this blog will know, our journey to creating and selling our first brew has been a continual venture into the unknown. That's exactly the thing that makes it so exciting. What's made it even more exciting in recent days is apparently I've got a new wife! Result! 'Rosie and [...]

Crumbs – I’ve got a new wife!2020-10-20T12:53:28+00:00

Selling like hot cakes – or should that be hot bread…?

Well it's been a rather busy couple of weeks.  After the euphoria of actually getting our first ever brew into a bottle, it quite quickly hit home that we now (quite literally) had our very own beer mountain. We ought to get out there and try and sell it! [...]

Selling like hot cakes – or should that be hot bread…?2020-10-20T12:56:02+00:00

Finally, it’s here! And its better than a date with Jet

I’m glad to say I have finally lived out a childhood fantasy! No, not going on a date with Jet from Gladiators. Better than that, I got to venture through the round window on Playschool into my very own “today we’re going to learn how beer is bottled” episode. It [...]

Finally, it’s here! And its better than a date with Jet2020-10-20T12:59:02+00:00

Crumbs! We’ve got a new look…

As you may have read in previous posts, we embarked on a bit of a make-over of the Crumbs brand with the team at Fourleaf Design a few weeks back. That's not to say we didn't like our old logo (designed by our extremely talented friend Hannah) but it was [...]

Crumbs! We’ve got a new look…2020-10-20T13:00:39+00:00

Beer and Music. Is there a better combination?

Well, we're quite biased on that one... On one hand, all of us at Crumbs Beer are ready to pay extortionate amounts (plus booking fees) to see our favourite bands. Some of us even delight (or annoy, depending on who you ask) anybody with enough patience with our (somewhat dubious) musical [...]

Beer and Music. Is there a better combination?2020-10-20T13:01:38+00:00

Crumbs! It’s brew 001

Today was a day of firsts The first time our resident Spanish Crumbs Spreader, Adria, visited the Isle of Wight. Crossing the Solent in the sunshine It may not be as warm as Barcelona just yet, but there are few more beautiful places on earth than the Island [...]

Crumbs! It’s brew 0012020-10-20T13:04:46+00:00

44% of bread produced in the UK goes to waste. Oh Crumbs!

Taking over the blog today, it’s the Crumb Spreader, Adrià Tarrida. I’ve always thought that companies should do, first of all, good. Making money is just the way they can ensure they’ll be doing good for longer! That’s why, when my mate and Chief Crumber Morgan told me about his [...]

44% of bread produced in the UK goes to waste. Oh Crumbs!2020-10-20T13:05:59+00:00
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