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Month: June 2017

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Crumbs – I’ve got a new wife!

As readers of this blog will know, our journey to creating and selling our first brew has been a continual venture into the unknown. That’s exactly the thing that makes it so exciting.

What’s made it even more exciting in recent days is apparently I’ve got a new wife! Result!

‘Rosie and Morgan Arnell of Crumbs..”

Little did Chris Robinson, joint owner of Chalk Hills, know that as well as giving us his leftover bread, he would also be allowing me to marry his wife, Rosie! An unexpected bonus of our little venture!  What can I say? Brewers are clearly more attractive than bakers! (If you haven’t already twigged what I’m rambling on about read the caption under the Surrey Mirror photo)

New marriages aside, we have to say a huge thank you for all the excellent coverage we seem to have got recently across the local area and beyond. You can read Deborah Morris’s story in more detail at the following link. Look out for us in Surrey Downs magazine, Surrey Life, and a really interesting blog from Look at Brew (far better written than this blog that’s for sure!!)

If you haven’t heard about us yet – where have you been!?!

Rocking all over Reigate

Live on stage “Judy Punch”

As promised we have also continued to make a nuisance of ourselves at local food festivals, events and any party that will have us to be honest!  The most recent of which was the utterly awesome New Music Fest at Reigate Rugby Club. Those of you in attendance not only had the pleasure of sinking a few cool pints of Crumbs Amber but also witnessed the first ever festival appearance of our ‘house band’ Judy Punch. Featuring our very own Crumbs Spreader Adria Tarrida. They sounded great and, more importantly, retained their position as number one drinkers of our beer – current estimates suggest over 70% of consumption is down to

Elaine (the ex-wife) working hard at New Music Fest

these four men alone. Blooming good work chaps.

If international stardom awaits I hope they remember the small Reigate beer that fuelled their talents…!

It’s at this point I should also say a huge thank you to to the Economic Prosperity Team at Reigate & Banstead Council (catchy title I know). Particularly Cllr Humphreys, Simon Bland and Catherine McDermott. Their business support grant has enabled us to fund getting out to most of the festivals we’ll be popping up at over the coming months. It’s a great resource that I encourage all small businesses in the area to take up. Blimey – if they gave us support when our business plan consisted of one wing and three prayers they are obviously very keen for local ventures to succeed!

Next up is the Priory Farm Strawberry Fair on 24th and 25th June. Come and get a free taster then stock up with Crumbs (and lots of other lovely goodies) at their shop.

I remember when weekends just used to involve reading the papers and taking the kids swimming. We now seem to spend most of them standing in a field drinking! It’s a tough job but someone has to do it.

Going International

Our final update is that we’ve officially gone international. Well that’s a lie really – more like inter-county. As well as our lovely customers in Reigate, Dorking and Oxted we can now boast a new sales outlet – all the way away in Hampshire!!  Where next I hear you cry!? Australia!?  No, in all seriousness we are very pleased to welcome Auriol Wines as an official Crumbs seller. Intrigued after meeting us at the Fleet Food Festival they kindly agreed to peddle our wares. So all you thirsty people down in the Hartley Witney area get along and make sure he sells out as quickly as everyone else seems to have done.

Until next time crumby friends – it’s currently pushing 30 degrees so by law I have to stop writing and refresh myself with a cool bottle of Crumbs Amber. I suggest you do the same.


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Selling like hot cakes – or should that be hot bread…?

Well it’s been a rather busy couple of weeks.  After the euphoria of actually getting our first ever brew into a bottle, it quite quickly hit home that we now (quite literally) had our very own beer mountain. We ought to get out there and try and sell it!

The first pallets to arrive at the bakery – do we really HAVE to sell it??

Although it was highly tempting to just throw the party to end all parties we buckled down and hit the road, touting our wares to anyone that would listen….. and thankfully plenty of people have been happy to hear what we’ve got to say!

The beer that sneaked into a wine tasting

Special mention has to go to our friends at The Vineking. The brew had only been in bottles a few days and they happily invited us along to the summer tasting event at St Mary’s Church Hall in Reigate. We were the only beer at what was really a wine tasting (a bit like turning up to a party and you’re the only one in fancy dress) but the feedback was great. It may have had something to do with the fact that most of the participants had tasted around 150 of Erik’s extremely good wines prior to reaching our table but we’ll take all the feedback we can. Some lucky Reigate residents walked away with the first ever cases of Crumbs Amber Lager off the line. I hope they save a few bottles – they’ll be worth millions on eBay in 50 years. OK –

Crumbs – what’s that handsome looking product on the shelf??

maybe not, but we can dream!  As well as selling out pretty quickly at the West Rd shop (I told you we were selling like hot cakes). The Vineking team have now been kind/ stupid enough to invite us back to a Beer vs Gin tasting event on Friday 2nd June at Old Reigatians Rugby Club. Come along if you’ve read this blog in time and support #teambeer. Get your tickets from this link.

We were perfectly timed to hit the shelves of the newly opened Four Hops. It was an honour to be amongst the first brews in the shop and we wish Martin and the team every success in the future. It’s great to see our local brand alongside some of the best craft beers out there and support another new local business trying to bring independent artisan products to the town.  The main problem we’ve had so far is that every trip in to drop off stock at the shop results in us walking out with more beer than we went in with…!

We’re glad to say it hasn’t stopped there so, just to blow our own trumpet, at the time of writing, you can currently buy the delicious Crumbs Amber Lager in:

The Vineking: Church St & West Rd Shops, Reigate

Four Hops : West St, Reigate

Hop Stop : Station Rd, Oxted

Cobbetts : West St, Dorking

More discussions underway with other outlets so keep checking our web page. Obviously if you go in to any of the fine establishments above and we’re sold out please feel free to demand the manager contact us and re-list us immediately!

Roll up, roll up, come and have a taste!

On top of that we will be out at a variety of food festivals over the summer. Our first experience came last weekend at the Fleet Food Festival where our 3 bottle gift packs sold out by mid afternoon. Check out the events page on our website to see where we’ll be – new events are being added every week.  You’ll be sick of the sight of us by Autumn!

In addition to these outlets and events we are also setting up ways you can buy from us direct online.  Its proving slightly trickier than we imagined (two experiences with different couriers have resulted in product mysteriously being ‘damaged and undeliverable’ despite being in purpose made packaging… highly suspicious). But we are happy to take direct orders via email at the moment for cases of 12 (£36) or our lovely 3 bottle gift packs (£10) – they’ll make an excellent Father’s Day gift!

Just drop an email to and we will deliver free within 10 miles of Reigate.

Phew – that’s all for now, better get back to pestering people to sell our beer…..