We’ve been meaning to write….

It’s an understatement to say the world is rather a different place to when we last put virtual pen to paper in this blog. Sorry about that. It was a New Year resolution to start capturing some ramblings regularly but given its already the end of January and this is the first time I’ve sat down to do it I’m not holding out much hope!

There is so much we could moan about the current situation but I’m always a fan of squeezing negativity and worry into a small ball and hiding it away where it will only come back to haunt me in later life…..therefore, let’s keep this positive!

Keep positive by supporting local

So our positive focus for today is the explosion in innovative and independent online sellers that have gained real traction as we face lock down after lockdown.

From local independent sellers who have expanded their offering to the virtual world to national new ventures that have focused on supporting socially and environmentally minded brands to expand their sales opportunities.  Although the giants like Amazon have obviously profited from the situation it’s good to know that so many others are managing to adapt as well.

I wanted to use this post to give them a shout. Hopefully there are some you’ll check out and ensure they remain viable through the continuing crappy situation and beyond when we all return to some sense of ‘normality’:

Chalk Hills Bakery

First has to be our very good friends at Chalk Hills Bakery, the makers of our most precious brewing ingredient!  Not only did they quickly switch their Reigate café into a vital local grocery store once the pandemic hit, they also created an online delivery and click and collect offering overnight! Must have something to do with Chris having a background in IT. At the click of a button you can get fresh bread and a variety of other treats dropped on your doorstep. Check it out HERE

Pubs and restaurants

Our pub and restaurant partners have refused to be knocked down by wave after wave of restrictions. Lockdown 3.0 even went that one step further and stopped most of them from serving alcohol to take away from their premises. Bloody madness. Nothing like kicking someone when they’re down!

One of our faves has to be the  team at The Garibaldi.  As a community owned pub they are already heroes but when covid hit they refused to stop it let them supporting their local community. They expanded their offer to become a real community store for their locals. In Lockdown 3.0 they’ve had to go even further to now offer fresh beer deliveries on a Saturday. As I write I’m anticipating mine tomorrow.

They’ve also been utterly awesome at supporting local breweries like ourselves, Pilgrim, DorkingTitsey , Surrey Hills , Crafty and Firebird to name a few. Thank you!

We’d also highly recommend ordering a dine at home experience from the talented team at Cullenders Parkside. The pandemic hit just as they were about to launch in beautiful new premises in Reigate but they didn’t let that stop their progress. Their talented team have created some utterly stunning dishes for you to enjoy in the comfort of your own home.  I had a personal soft spot for the butterscotch dessert when we ordered – heaven in a bowl!

Online sellers with purpose

Further a field we are so grateful to have started working with some awesome new businesses that put ethics, social enterprise and the environment at the heart of what they do.

The Social Supermarket is one such business. Every brand they stock has a positive purpose at its heart. So even if you buy loads of naughty stuff that won’t help in anyway with the lockdown weight gain you can console yourself you are doing something good for the world!

They have also gone to the effort of curating these brands into a selection of delicious hampers and gift boxes. They were extremely popular over Christmas and will continue to be during 2021 we’re sure.

Beer Tasting Hamper

Feel good support local, support social

So there you go – a quick run down of some of the great stuff that’s going on. It’s not all doom and gloom! Please make the effort to get online and check them out.

Those of you that are reading this outside of the Surrey area please look up local café’s, restaurants, pubs, breweries, bakers, candle stick makers and see what they’re offering as delivery or click and collect services.

They will all be soooooooo grateful for you support, I know we are when we get the ping of an order in our inbox.


Take care, stay safe, stay healthy and be kind.

Love n hugs

Team Crumbs