Let’s fight food waste


Did you know this week we estimate we’ve officially saved over 30,000 of delicious Chalk Hills bakery loaves from being wasted since we started brewing in 2017? We are pretty proud of that.

It’s also the week the awesome team at WRAP’s #lovefoodhatewaste campaign launch their second Food Waste Action Week.  It was actually WRAP research that first made us aware of the shocking amount of bread that was wasted in the UK. That inspired us to create Crumbs, so we have a lot to be thankful to them for!

We had to get involved so thought we’d start with a quick post to suggest how you can find out more and, more importantly, DO MORE yourself.

Food production is one of the biggest contributors towards climate change.  4.5million tonnes of food which could have been eaten is thrown away in our homes every year! Thats a double whammy of negativity for our planet (and our pockets) which needs to be fixed.

What can I do?

Firstly pay the Love Food Hate Waste site a visit. It is literally packed with food waste fighting ideas. Including simple ways to better use your freezer and microwave to not only cut down waste but also save yourself hundreds of pounds a year!

Secondly, as we have a bit of a bread waste obsession, we are always on the look out for ways to use those stale bits of bread we all end up with at home. We stumbled acrosss this awesome set of recipes at BBC Good Food. There are 40 recipes here that use up bread that may otherwise be wasted. From sweet puddings to delicious pasta dishes. Please give at least one a try. Why not share your results on social media? Tag us @crumbsbrewing and @lfhw_uk , we’d love to see what you come up with.

Finally, remember drinking our crumby beers is one way you can help. The more we brew the more bread gets is repurposed after all! We’ve even got a 20% off spring sale on at the moment so there’s even more reason to bag a few beers. Check out our web shop here.

Enjoy and keep up the fight! Cheers.