This month we were over the moon to have completed our Seedrs crowdfunding campaign to fuel our future growth. 198 of our far from crumby supporters helped us raise over £150k to help take our business to the next level.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all those that supported us, especially in such turbulent times where so many of us are feeling the squeeze. It is so amazing you want to join our journey.

So what next?

For those of you that may have seen our videos or even read our investor deck over the last months, you will know we believe our brand’s success and our future success is driven by our 3P’s. Our Purpose, Our Place and Our Product.

They underpin everything we do and will underpin how we use the funds we’ve raised to continue to grow. From developing new products that open up new routes to market like our new Naan Laager, to kicking off a brand identity refresh to make sure we are communicating our purpose as clearly as possible, 2023 is certainly looking like it will be a busy one.

And we are going to need your help……

Finding New Places

Part of our “Place” strategy is to grow nationally by staying local. There are hundreds of bakers up and down the country that struggle with waste just like our original partners Chalk Hills did. We want to offer them the chance to send their waste bread to us so we can incorporate it into our brewing. In return we will give them a range of products they can sell direct to their own customers and to the pubs, restaurants, farm shops and delis they already work with in their local area.

Do you have a bakery near you that you think we should be talking to? If so let us know about them.

We think the perfect bakery partner will do the following things:

  • Bake ‘real’ artisan bread
  • Have a strong brand presence in their local community, do locals love what they do and support them?
  • Bake great sourdough, bloomer and rye loaves
  • Have a shop or two of their own. Ideally it is already licensed or we could help licence it to sell the beer we make from their leftovers
  • Have a strong wholesale business to other shops, restaurants and pubs. If they buy their bread would they also like to buy beer made from their bread too?
  • Takes the Crumbs brand into new areas nationally, beyond the South East of England

Does that sound like a bakery near you? Simply drop us an email at [email protected] to tell us more. If you’re the first to recommend a bakery that we end up working with then there’ll be a free case of beer in it for you!

Here’s to a great 2023 and spreading our crumby, food waste fighting love far and wide!