Where it all began

Crumbs Brewing was founded by Reigate husband and wife Morgan and Elaine Arnell in 2017. After many years working in the corporate world they were keen to create something together with a positive message at it’s heart. Shocked by the amount of wastage their local artisan bakery, Chalk Hills, had to deal with they set about trying to find a new purpose for one lovingly crafted artisan product by creating a new one, beer! They are always very willing to come and talk about their beers and their business as a variety of events and conferences (your main issue will be getting Morgan to shut up). If you’d like to talk about ‘Meeting the Crumbers’ drop them a line at [email protected]

The Bakers  – Chris & Rosie Robinson from Chalk Hills Bakery

Well known husband and wife team that founded Chalk Hills in Reigate, Surrey. Provider of delicious, organic, artisan breads to a range of deli’s, restaurants and pubs in the local area as well as via their shop on Bell Street. What’s less well known about Chris and Rosie is they also used to be publicans. A fact that meant they were very receptive to the random phone call received one day asking “Do you fancy trying to make some beer from your leftover bread??”

The Brewers – Crafty Brewing

Although our journey started working with the awesome team at Goddards Brewery on Morgan’s childhood home of the Isle of Wight. We always had a desire to brew closer to our current home in Surrey. A chance meeting at a Birmingham trade show with the team at Crafty Brewing was a happy coincidence. They are based just down the road from us near Cranleigh and, until that meeting, we hadn’t realised they were open to contract partnerships.

We have gradually transitioned our partnership to Crafty through 2023, ensuring we maintain the same high standards we are used to. You shouldn’t have noticed any change in our far from crumby beers.

It has also aided our ambitions for continual sustainability improvements inspired by our B-Corp certification. Being closer means less trucks on the road and less beer miles. We are also working on a move into new formats that will also reduce our carbon footprint further.

Crafty and Crumbs – the perfect match!