How it all began

Designer Beer

Excited by the fact we seem to have a great beer on our hands it was time to turn our attention to a bit of marketing. Most importantly what is Crumbs actually going to look like? In a sea of wild and wonderful craft beers that seem to be growing [...]

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Version 1 – it’s here!

So exciting to take first delivery of our first test brew: Crumbs Amber Lager version 1. Feels like it's taken a long time to get here when in reality it wasn't that long ago I was munching on a bacon sarnie in Chalk Hills. Before you ask though - sorry, [...]

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Crumbing goes up a gear!

While our first trial brew develops into the fantastic beer we know it will be, we turn our focus back to keeping up the supplies of our wonder ingredient, Chalk Hills delicious bloomer loaves.  Now we're scaling up for a larger brew the volume needed is on the up so [...]

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The first trial….

Finally, enough of the talking and researching, it's time to put theory into practice and actually get some beer made. The longer term plan is to create our own brewery in Surrey but for the time being, we have done our best to form an alliance with some friendly brewers [...]

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OK – so how do we do this??

Good news - Chris and Rosie from Chalk Hills Bakery  were really interested in the idea of making beer from their unsold bread. We were also glad to hear that other people are already out there doing the same thing as us (not just ancient Egyptian civilisations): Toast Ale are brilliant champions of [...]

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Everything good starts with a bacon sarnie

If it starts with a bacon sarnie it's bound to be good. Well, thats how Crumbs Brewing started so we're hoping thats true..... In my spot in the window of Chalk Hills Bakery in Reigate, tucking into my Friday treat (don't tell my wife, I'm supposed to be on a [...]

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Follow our journey

Most brands wait until they’ve got a finished product and slick marketing to start telling people about themselves. Who wants to be most brands!?! We’re at the start of a journey so follow us now to see how it goes. If it’s a disaster then at least we have a [...]

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