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Crumbing and Grinding…

Hello Crumbers!

Where did time go?? Sorry it’s been so long since we posted. We’ve been busy keeping a lot of you hydrated during the long hot summer. Our Sourdough Pale Ale seemed to be going down particularly well, as did the continuing popularity of our Reigate Beer Walks (if you haven’t been yet check out our next dates and availability HERE). Thanks so much to everyone that has continued to support us.


Exciting News

Now the nights are drawing in and its getting a bit chillier we have some hot off the press news to warm you up. Tomorrow we start brewing our brand new Rye Coffee Porter. We’re soooooo excited!

For those of you that haven’t heard us bang on about our plans to develop this beer in the past, our Rye Coffee Porter will not only use leftover Rye loaves from Chalk Hills Bakery but also make use of the huge amount of used coffee grounds the cafe get left with every day. It’s a double whammy against all things wasteful. We’re adding a spot of grinding to our crumbing!

To be brutally honest, the reason it’s taken us a little longer to develop this beer than expected is that we weren’t happy with some of our early recipe ideas. That was until the lovely team at Union Hand-Roasted Coffee stepped in to help out. They provide Chalk Hills with all their coffee and were really interested when they found out what we were up to.

The challenge is that used coffee grounds alone can impart a lot of bitterness. They suggested we also complement the grounds with some of their new cold brew coffee. We loved this idea and Nigel, our master of all things brew, was even more excited as it opened up the opportunity to use this beautifully smooth and cold filtered liquid at the fermentation stage rather than simply in the mash.

So that’s what were going to do! As with our approach to a lot of things in our short existence we’re cracking on with the brew tomorrow after having made a fair few tweaks to our recipe, so there’s always that bit of trepidation to find out what the final product tastes like. We’re pretty sure it’s going to be a cracker though. Keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook to find out how we’re getting on. With any luck you’ll be able to get your hands on a bottle of a gorgeous 7% Rye Coffee Porter later this month.


Did someone say FREE???

While we’re in a good mood we’ve also got a final piece of good news. October is going to be FREE DELIVERY month in our online shop. Yes – FREE! Perfect for you to stock up post summer or even get yourself prepared for the festive season (although seriously, if you are already buying Christmas presents you really need to take a long hard look at yourself in the mirror 😉 ). Cases, mixed cases or our ever popular 3 bottle gift pack all delivered direct to your doorstep for nada, nowt, nothing.

Click HERE to get ordering!

Thanks Crumbers – have a great October and keep your eyes peeled for the new brew….

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And the winner is…… the crowd

You could cut the tension with a knife.

There we sat, all looking far smarter than we usually do 364 days a year. Surrounded by 400 of Surrey’s best food producers, retailers and general big wigs. Adria had even cut his beard off as, it had been so long since he washed it, he wasn’t sure what was living in there.

We’d just had the most delicious meal and plenty of wine to wash it down with but now was our moment. Nick Owen, eminent news reader and national treasure, clasped an envelope in his hands.  “Now it’s time for the Surrey Life Food & Drink Award in the Innovation category. The winner is………..”

My life flashed before my eyes. I hadn’t felt such a sense of anticipation since we tasted the first ever brew of Crumbs Amber back in May. Will it taste great, will it not.  Have I been wise to just create 3000 litres of this stuff or will they be sitting around unsold in 10 years time….? Thankfully the answer on that occasion was it tastes great.

Back to the present and the outcome was far less certain. We were up against two great competitors in Briscoes Jelly and Silent Pool Gin. We’ve made it to the final three which is a great achievement in its own right but wouldn’t it be great to scoop the prize after only being around for 3 months!?!

Adria fights back the tears

The golden envelope was torn open.

“…the winner is……………. Silent Pool!”


I never thought I’d ever have to do that “gracious in defeat face” but I think we all pulled it off quite well. At no point did I get the urge to stand up and shout “It’s not quite as good as beer made out of bread though, is it?” at the top of my voice, turn the table over and storm out…..

Well, maybe I did for a fleeting millisecond, but the grown up in me won over. We moved on, drank, the bar dry and jumped in a cab home. I’m sure the phrase “this time next year Rodney…” was uttered quite a few times on that journey.


Turning to the crowd

So what should anyone do in such a circumstance of loss and disappointment!? Turn to their friends of course.

Well, in this case, turning to about 200 of our fellow crumby friends and Facebook/ twitter/ insta-tingy supporters for a bit of a knee’s up and the launch of our latest venture into the unknown – our Crowdfunder campaign. It was an excellent night, hosted at the very fine Four Hops craft beer shop in Reigate. Thanks again Martin for letting so many people descend on your shop and let us give them beer for free (each one has promised they will come back and buy plenty from you in future – honest)!


Remind me what this crowdfunder is all about again?

As regular readers will have heard us mention on one or two occasions (OK – quite a lot just recently, sorry for that), we are raising money to develop and brew two new beers using two different leftover loaves from Chalk Hills. Specifically, their delicious sourdough and rye loaves.

I won’t go over it all here again but suffice to say you’d be bonkers not to give it a look. For as big or as small a pledge as you can offer you’ll be the first to try our new beers, get your hands on some exclusive goodies and even get an invite to (another) knees up with us in Reigate once the beers have been made (can you see a theme developing here).

At the time of writing we are so close to being one third of the way to our target – we’re so grateful for the support we’ve had so far but there’s still a way to go. As a well known supermarket said – ‘every little helps’. Please help us continue our journey with more lovely brews.

Just in case you missed it the web address is Did you get that? Go on, CLICK THE LINK!

There is also a pretty spectacular short video for you to watch. I won’t spoil the surprise but suffice to say we are hoping to help overcome our Surrey Life Food and Drink Awards disappointment with a trip to the Oscars next year. The red carpet awaits….


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A sensational (if not sizzling) Summer!

Hello fellow Crumbers!

I hope you’ve had a good summer? Although last time I wrote I seem to remember we were basking in 30 degree heat,  shame it didn’t quite last!

Life at Crumbs Towers has continued to be hectic, hopefully you’ll have seen some of our recent updates? At the risk of repeating myself I’ll give you a whistle stop tour of all things Crumbly over the last couple of months. Strap in, there’s a lot to say and not long until my fingers start to ache from typing, so pay attention:


Brew Two… done

Brew two of our Amber was brewed and bottled mid July.  Thankfully it’s just as good at the first brew, Goddards have done a great job at controlling the consistency and we even managed to avoid head brewer Nigel having a heart attack this time by turning up with frozen crumbs. A few cunning innovations helped the mash drain far more smoothly this time so it was smiles all round – Happy Days!

We also trialled creating a couple of casks from the brew. As they were taken straight from the fermenter before the bottled beer is conditioned and lightly carbonated it created quite a different style of beer – thanks to our friends at Four Hops for putting them on tap. Look out for more from the next brew!


Crumbs are Crowdfunding!

Thanks to you, our amazing customers, our Amber continues to fly off the shelves. We think it’s time to add to our range by getting our hands on more of Chalk Hills lovely left overs.  Specifically their beautiful Sourdough and Rye breads.  We need your help with two things:

  1. Tell us what we should make: A simple online poll HERE has a number of ideas for beers we could make with both breads. Have your say (poll will close early September). As I write, the Sourdough New England IPA is winning but it’s close…. every vote counts!
  2. Sign up to hear about our Crowdfunder: As we’re not made of money (and our Crumb Counter, Elaine, has a rather tight grip on the purse strings) we need your support to make more brews. Our cowdfunder will give you the opportunity support us with small donations. In return you’ll be the first get your hands on the new brews when we make them at unbelievably low prices. Sign up HERE and you’ll be first to know when it all starts to happen. If you’ve already signed up – THANK YOU – we really couldn’t carry on doing this without your support!

We’ve also spent the last few weeks creating a Crumbs Crowdfunding video. Keep your eyes peeled for its release.  It contains some acting skills that redefine the profession. As well as inspiring you to support us we firmly believe the phone will be running hot with offers of acting work. Next stop the Oscars…..


We’re winners (well, nearly)!

Talking of the Oscars, our last, hugely exciting, update is that we’ve been nominated as finalists at the Surrey Life Food and Drink Awards in the Innovation category!  We’re up against two great competitors in Silent Pool Distillers and Briscoe’s Jellies. Whatever happens at the awards ceremony in late September we’re all winners!  It would obviously be nice to be actual winners though so can I just take this opportunity to say I have looked at the judging panel online and they look like the most beautiful, intelligent people I’ve ever seen. Should you decide to make Crumbs Brewing the overall winners I’m sure you’re names would go down in history as true culinary visionaries…… at least that’s my opinion 😉

Crumbs, it’s all very exciting!

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Selling like hot cakes – or should that be hot bread…?

Well it’s been a rather busy couple of weeks.  After the euphoria of actually getting our first ever brew into a bottle, it quite quickly hit home that we now (quite literally) had our very own beer mountain. We ought to get out there and try and sell it!

The first pallets to arrive at the bakery – do we really HAVE to sell it??

Although it was highly tempting to just throw the party to end all parties we buckled down and hit the road, touting our wares to anyone that would listen….. and thankfully plenty of people have been happy to hear what we’ve got to say!

The beer that sneaked into a wine tasting

Special mention has to go to our friends at The Vineking. The brew had only been in bottles a few days and they happily invited us along to the summer tasting event at St Mary’s Church Hall in Reigate. We were the only beer at what was really a wine tasting (a bit like turning up to a party and you’re the only one in fancy dress) but the feedback was great. It may have had something to do with the fact that most of the participants had tasted around 150 of Erik’s extremely good wines prior to reaching our table but we’ll take all the feedback we can. Some lucky Reigate residents walked away with the first ever cases of Crumbs Amber Lager off the line. I hope they save a few bottles – they’ll be worth millions on eBay in 50 years. OK –

Crumbs – what’s that handsome looking product on the shelf??

maybe not, but we can dream!  As well as selling out pretty quickly at the West Rd shop (I told you we were selling like hot cakes). The Vineking team have now been kind/ stupid enough to invite us back to a Beer vs Gin tasting event on Friday 2nd June at Old Reigatians Rugby Club. Come along if you’ve read this blog in time and support #teambeer. Get your tickets from this link.

We were perfectly timed to hit the shelves of the newly opened Four Hops. It was an honour to be amongst the first brews in the shop and we wish Martin and the team every success in the future. It’s great to see our local brand alongside some of the best craft beers out there and support another new local business trying to bring independent artisan products to the town.  The main problem we’ve had so far is that every trip in to drop off stock at the shop results in us walking out with more beer than we went in with…!

We’re glad to say it hasn’t stopped there so, just to blow our own trumpet, at the time of writing, you can currently buy the delicious Crumbs Amber Lager in:

The Vineking: Church St & West Rd Shops, Reigate

Four Hops : West St, Reigate

Hop Stop : Station Rd, Oxted

Cobbetts : West St, Dorking

More discussions underway with other outlets so keep checking our web page. Obviously if you go in to any of the fine establishments above and we’re sold out please feel free to demand the manager contact us and re-list us immediately!

Roll up, roll up, come and have a taste!

On top of that we will be out at a variety of food festivals over the summer. Our first experience came last weekend at the Fleet Food Festival where our 3 bottle gift packs sold out by mid afternoon. Check out the events page on our website to see where we’ll be – new events are being added every week.  You’ll be sick of the sight of us by Autumn!

In addition to these outlets and events we are also setting up ways you can buy from us direct online.  Its proving slightly trickier than we imagined (two experiences with different couriers have resulted in product mysteriously being ‘damaged and undeliverable’ despite being in purpose made packaging… highly suspicious). But we are happy to take direct orders via email at the moment for cases of 12 (£36) or our lovely 3 bottle gift packs (£10) – they’ll make an excellent Father’s Day gift!

Just drop an email to and we will deliver free within 10 miles of Reigate.

Phew – that’s all for now, better get back to pestering people to sell our beer…..