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“Luke, I am your father” *

Father’s Day is fast approaching

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away a young Jedi was wracking his brains with what to buy his father for Father’s Day. Yes, he’d recently discovered that his Dad was an intergalactic warlord and the biggest villain in cinema history but, hey, even those kinds of Dad deserve a present.

*Yes, yes I know the quote in the blog title is incorrect and, indeed, shortly after finding out who his father was the Jedi in question wasn’t considering what present to buy him but actually throwing his body onto a large bonfire, but just run with it. I was struggling to think of a suitably random intro to this blog.

Anyway, never fear Master Luke – Crumbs Brewing are here for you. We have the Father’s day present to end all Father’s Day presents. Indeed, because you are reading this blog (and let’s face it you are probably one of a very small number that actually do) you have the chance to get your hands on a present not actually available ANYWHERE else.

A celebration of Reigate’s rich brewing history

It’s not just a three pack of our Crumby beers, which in it’s own right is a pretty stellar present. But its a three pack of limited edition, retro labelled, hand signed bottles of our beers. That’s got to be better than a new pair of socks or a Haynes Manual on how to maintain a Death Star?

These beautiful limited edition bottles were created by the awesome local business Dreamraven. Designed to celebrate the recent launch of our local beer walks they could have been produced by Reigate’s Mellersh and Neale – at one point the one of the largest brewer in the South East.

If you were’t aware Reigate had such a rich brewing history then make sure you book a place on one of our  Reigate Beer Walks (indeed maybe buy a ticket for your father as an extra present – he’d be a VERY lucky man). You’ll get a fascinating tour of the historic brewing sites in Reigate followed buy a chance to taste our Crumby beers and those of the mighty Pilgrim Brewery (including a quick look around their newly refurbished brew kit). Buy your tickets HERE

Never fear though – our limited edition bottles contain the fresh and delicious beer we brew today. Each pack contains one of each of our brews – the Sourdough Pale Ale, our Bloomin’ Amber Lager and the dark, rich Rye Ruby Ale. They are available exclusively from us and (as there are only c.20 sets) they are only available for local delivery. Get your skates on, it’s first come, first served…

Buy your pack at the link below.

Buy our three pack vintage edition


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Can you feel the love tonight…?

I’ll resist breaking into my best Elton John impression (or re-enacting a scene from the Lion King). Not because it wouldn’t be good – I have a voice like an angel, or at least that’s what I tell myself in the shower in the morning. Give me a loofa and some echoey acoustics and I’d have the judges on The Voice spinning so fast they wouldn’t know what’s hit them.

Anyway, as usual, I digress! The point I was trying to make is, on the eve of Valentines Day, we are definitely “feeling the love tonight” at Crumbs.

We just realised it’s been almost a year since we wrote our first ever blog post, a point when we had no idea if we could even make decent beer out of left over bread. Some might argue that we still don’t know how to make decent beer out of leftover bread, but thankfully they seem to be in the minority! In our loved up mood we’re just so grateful to the support we’ve had so far from so many people. We’re at a stage where we have these three beauties on our hands. What a year it’s been and what exciting times lie ahead!


Lights, camera, action!

One person we’re definitely feeling love for at the moment is local photographer and all round cool dude Michael Little. They say a picture speaks a thousand words and his awesome pics of our beers are delivering a whole dictionary of sexiness. We always set out to make different beers that truly reflected the style of the loaves that make them and that comes through so well in these shots.


The willingness of local businesses to support us on our journey has never failed to amaze us (sometimes it helps when you get them drunk first before asking for the help). Michael and Carole have been so generous with their time and expertise we owe them big time.


Coming to a pub near you…. hopefully

One big decision we’ve made in the New Year is to start putting more of our brews in kegs and cask. It’ll give us the opportunity to pour you delicious pints at the festivals and markets we’ll be at this year and hopefully break into the local pub trade a bit more. Keep your eyes peeled for us on a pump near you (and if we’re not, demand that the landlord speaks to us and threaten to take your business elsewhere ;-).

It also means we’ll be making an appearance at the Reigate Tunnel Beer Festival this year with casks of our Rye Ruby. Even more excitingly (and I’m telling you this as long as you keep it under your hat for now) those casks will be brewed in partnership with Reigate’s finest – Pilgrim Brewery.  After all the effort they’ve put into redeveloping the brewery and adding delicious new brews we are over the moon to finally get the chance to brew together. Watch this space!



Hope everyone has an awesome and loved up Valentines. Those of you that’ll be receiving one of our gorgeous gift packs are truly lucky people. Unless you don’t actually like beer and your partner has just bought it for you as a thinly veiled gift for themselves. In which case we suggest you reappraise your choice in partner.


Team Crumbs

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30,000 bottles of beauty…

Wow, Reigate, you are a thirsty lot!

Today we officially brewed our 30,000th bottle of Crumbs!

Packing up bottle 30,000!

Now that may not be a lot compared to the big boys who probably make that much in a few hours but, to us, that is a pretty amazing amount!  To think we didn’t know how to brew, let alone brew with leftover bread less than 7 months ago!

We never imagined we’d have made so much in such a short time and, at the risk of sounding a little cheesy, we couldn’t have done it without you. When I say ‘you’ I mean a few very important groups:

  • Our awesome drinkers. You’ve been so supportive of what we’re up to. We are only selling our beer in quite a small area so there are clearly a few of you that have drunk quite a lot! Just to be clear, we fully support responsible drinking, but please carry on drinking as much as you do, it is nearly Christmas!

  • Our Crumby Crowdfunders. Without you guys our new brews simply wouldn’t exist. Hope you are wearing your t-shirts with pride?! Your feedback has been great and we’re so glad you like the new beers (if you didn’t like them – sorry – unfortunately you’re stuck with them! You could always give them away as Christmas presents).
  • Our local sellers. We never really expected so many local businesses to get behind us, the advice and support has been amazing. If some of you could just pay your invoices a bit quicker that would be even better – I’ll name no names.

If you don’t fall into one or more of those three groups then what have you been up to all these months??  As well as our awesome Amber there are two new brews for you to try – the light and zesty Sourdough Pale and the dark and mysterious Rye Ruby. Keep an eye out for them in our stockists or at a range of local events over the coming weeks.

Our very smart 3-bottle gift packs make unbelievably cool Christmas presents. Let’s face it – we all have those strange relations we struggle every year to buy for. Just imagine the look on their face on Christmas morning when the usual pair of novelty socks or Old Spice gift set has been replaced by three awesome local craft beers. Not just any old beers, but beers made from unsold artisan loaves from your local bakery. Minds will be blown and your share of future inheritances will increase significantly. You’d be mad not to stock up NOW..!

All the best fellow Crumbers, sorry for being a bit slack at writing recently. If we don’t get to put finger to keyboard again before Christmas then have a great one.

Come and say hello at the Reigate Christmas Fayre on Saturday 2nd December (after you’ve watched Santa land by helicopter! How very Reigate…)