Reigate Beer Walk

Come with us to discover the rich brewing history in Reigate.

From the early days of the mighty Mellersh and Neale, that occupied a significant portion of what is now the town centre, to the modern days of Pilgrim, Crumbs Brewing and Four Hops.

Reigate Beer Walk is a Crumbs Brewing venture in partnership with Four Hops, Pilgrim Brewery and Gavin Dulley, the man behind Reigate Ghost Walks.

Your ticket includes:

  • A 45min guided tour of the historic sites linked to brewing and pubs in Reigate, starting at Chalk Hills Bakery
  • A tasting session of the 4 Crumbs beers in Four Hops, guided by one of the founders of the brewery
  • A guided tour of Pilgrim Brewery
  • A tasting session of 3 Pilgrim beers