Crumbs Brewing

Our beers

Each of our beers uses a different style of loaf in its recipe, creating unique brews that make the most of such a delicious ingredient. They cover a spectrum from light to dark, there’s bound to be one you’ll love.

If you’d like to taste some, you can head to our online shop or go to one of the many outlets that stock us, find one near you on our locate our beer page.

Our Bloomin’ Amber Lager is brewed using Surrey Bloomer loaves. Based on a Vienna lager recipe but fermented with an ale yeast it’s a true hybrid of lager and ale. Abv: 4.8%


Our Rye Ruby Ale is brewed using the complex flavours of Rye bread, our recipe folds those flavours into a dark, warming ruby ale with real richness. Abv: 5%


Our Sourdough Pale Pale is brewed using, zesty Sourdough loaves. Late hops enhance the aroma but don’t overpower with bitterness. A perfect session pale ale. Abv: 4.2%


Rye Coffee Porter

In addition to leftover rye loaves our Rye Coffee Porter also uses spent coffee grounds from Union Hand-Roasted Coffee served in the bakery shop. Doubly good for the fight against food waste! The beer is further enhanced by adding Union’s delicate cold brew coffee during fermentation. Strong but with a chocolatey sweet side, this is a porter to savour. Abv: 7%